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Truston successfully supports construction and engineering projects for ocean systems by leveraging three key resources: 1) a bench of skilled ocean construction experts who have completed projects for clients worldwide; 2) skilled field technicians who have worked in the challenging ocean environment for the entirety of their careers; and 3) a proven global reach, specifically Truston’s in-house CONUS, European and Pacific resources, capable of completing projects worldwide. 

Offshore & Heavy Load Handling

Truston plans and executes critical lifts for crane barges, ocean work platforms, offshore structures and other heavy loads in compliance with P-307 and EM-385. We also maintain offshore structures.

Subsea Systems

Truston provides turnkey solutions for subsea systems that utilize cables and sensors. We perform horizontal drilling, seafloor surveys, and underwater inspections using ROVs, AUVs, and divers.

Cathodic Protection

Truston’s vast marine experience makes us the perfect partner to design, build, install, upgrade or repair your anti-corrosion needs. We provide protective coatings solutions, as well as active and passive cathodic protection solutions.

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