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Specialized and Fleet Moorings are a principal area of expertise.  Truston has developed and maintained a core group of professionals dedicated to the safe and efficient management of the logistics and installation of moorings.  All of our site supervisors are extremely familiar with all mooring types, including the classic drag anchor mooring to more specialized plate anchor and load equalizer system moorings.  Truston was founded to support this very field and our experience and depth are unmatched.


Mooring Design & Engineering

Truston’s experienced engineers use the latest software, including OrcaFlex, AutoCAD, and 3-D modeling software, to develop mooring solutions specific to the environment in which they will be deployed.


Mooring Fabrication & Logistics

Truston fabricates major mooring components utilizing in-house resources. We have shipped our mooring systems around the world for installation by our skilled mooring technicians.


Mooring Installation & QA

Our mooring systems have been deployed in every environment with strict records maintained, including certifications and as-built coordinates. Sub-meter accuracy of installed locations is ensured with our D-GPS system.

Mooring Resource Center


Mooring Types

Truston has worked with every type of mooring including drag embedment, plate anchor, pile, and suction anchor types.  We also offer specialized bollard testing and heavy weather moorings for inactive fleets.


Mooring Environmental Considerations

Truston has completed mooring projects in every environment, including all CONUS coasts and waterways, Mediterranean Sea, coastlines off of Central America, Asia, Africa, and remote islands such as Kwajalein Atoll and Wake Island.


Mooring Uses

Each mooring is designed specifically for the sites conditions and intended use.  Truston has decades of experience providing turnkey mooring solutions for a wide array of applications.

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